Chinese Kitty Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Partner, Baby, Net Worth (2024)

Chinese Kitty (born on 18 January 1995) is a well-known fashion model, singer, songwriter, and social media sensation who is popular for being the former contestant of Love & Hip Hop.

People love to watch her content and are always curious to know about her. Let’s dive below into this biography to learn everything about this model including her age, height, net worth, parents, career, relationship, and more.

Chinese Kitty Profile Summary
NameChinese Kitty
Birth Date18 January 1995
Birth PlaceQueens, New York, United State of America
Age29 Years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight57 Kg
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionFashion Model, Singer, Singwriter
ParentsMother - Chinese Nicky
SiblingsKamerin Hing, Macoya Hing, Kioni Hing, Jared Hing, and Nick Hing
Marital StatusUnmarried
ChildrenSon - Ashton
ResidenceUnited State of America

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Who is Chinese Kitty?

Chinese Kitty Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Partner, Baby, Net Worth (1)

Chinese Kitty is a well-known fashion model, singer, songwriter, and social media sensation. She is immensely popular for being the former contestant of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in the first two seasons.

Besides this, she is highly famous for her so hot pictures and modeling techniques. She has attracted millions of people to her social media handles and everyone keeps watching her content.

Kitty has released a lot of albums on premium to her free YouTube channel. She has even collaborated with many famous artists for her albums.

Early Life of Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty was born on 18 January 1995 in Queens, New York, the United State of America into her well-settled Guyanese, Chinese parents.

Kitty has yet not revealed about her father and his occupation, though we know about her mother nicely.

Kitty’s mother Chinese Nicky aka Nikol Hing whom she considers her powerful patron. The singer and her mother were starred on Love & Hip-Hop Miami.

Moreover, Chinese Kitty has raised along with her seven siblings, including a brother and four sisters, and the rest three are privately hidden from the spotlight.

The name of Kitty’s siblings are Kamerin Hing, Macoya Hing, Kioni Hing, Jared Hing, and Nick Hing. They seem good in their life enjoying their company.

There is no information regarding his education and childhood memories. Although, it seems like she is graduated and well-educated to have a good understanding of how things work.

Chinese Kitty Age

Chinese Kitty is 29 years old as of 2024 as she was born on 18 January 1995.

Despite being at such a young age, she has managed to achieve great success in the fields of fashion modeling, singing, songwriting, and as a social media sensation.

Chinese Kitty Career

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Chinese Kitty started her professional career as a model and singer. She had developed a keen interest in modeling and singing since her early days.

This is why she pursued her career in this field. This was even easy for her to achieve as she had already ideas about this field.

Kitty started her YouTube channel on June 30, 2016, and began her singing career there.

Along with this, she also created her Instagram handle to engage with her customers, posting her modeling pictures and songs.

Her first content on YouTube got published on 21 March 2018 titled SXSW18 Empire Present Chinese Kitty Beer & Tacos Street Exces”.

In the starting, she had to go through some tough phases as this is a fix rule for any journey. The start might be difficult but the journey will be beautiful.

Similarly, Kitty focused on her journey despite concerning about the obstacles and problems.

And her hard work paid off nicely as her songs and Instagram posts went viral and she shortly gained thousands of followers in a very short span of time.

Looking at her social media handle, many modeling magazines and agencies reached her for work. And eventually, she was featured in magazines like Dynasty, Shygirl, and Model Modele.

Further, she was also featured in Smooth Magazine in August 2015. She later featured in the music video for Young Dolphin’s “Forever” and worked with rapper Dave East.

Chinese Kitty Personal Life

Chinese Kitty is currently unmarried and is not in any sort of relationship with someone. This means Kitty is single and has no boyfriend at least for now.

Maybe she is focused on her modeling and singing career and trying to pursue her career in a strong and good direction.

Despite all of these things, Chinese Kitty has a child, a son who was born in 2016 and named Ashton. No one knows to whom the son belongs, except her mother.

Kitty has kept her private information secret and never likes to reveal them. Maybe she would have been in a relationship, but officially not confirmed.

But after having a deep look at her social media handles, we can’t say she would have dated someone as she has never been seen with someone who can be considered her boyfriend.

Well! It’s her personal life and she has the right to do anything she wants. And most celebrities like to keep their personal life secret in order to avoid problems with their loving ones.

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Chinese Kitty Net Worth

Chinese Kitty’s estimated net worth is $3 million as of the year 2024. She has earned this huge fortune through her different earning sources.

Kitty has earned most of her income through her singing and modeling profession. She has released several albums on YouTube and other audio platforms, including Spotify.

From there, she would have made around a million dollars through monetizing her content.

Also, she has great potential to earn through brand promotions and endorsem*nt deals as she has millions of followers on her social media handles.

Moreover, Kitty earns through appearing in magazines and doing fashion modeling for them. In fact, she is a brand model for Fashion Nova.

But overall, Kitty ends up making thousands of dollars every year through her various earning sources and income-generating ways.

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Chinese Kitty Height and Weight

Chinese Kitty is a fit and a fine lady that’s why she is called for modeling.

The hot mama stands around 5 feet 7 inches taller. Further, her weight keeps ranging between 55 kg to 60 kg and stays at nearly 57 kg.

Kitty loves curve poses and most of her pictures are in the same shape. She likes to bend her body in different positions to take so hot pictures.

Kitty is even gone through two plastic surgery, liposuction and break augmentation to make her look more attractive. Though many models keep such things far from the media, Kitty has never thought to keep it secret.

She has black hair and dark brown eyes that make her overall appearance more attractive. Her body measurement is approximately 38-25-38 inches.

Well! This was all about the model Chinese Kitty. Let us know your experience by sharing your feedback with us.

Chinese Kitty Facts

  1. Chinese Kitty is a popular fashion model, singer, and songwriter.
  2. She gained fame as a contestant on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.
  3. Her social media content attracts millions of viewers.
  4. Kitty has released albums on YouTube and collaborated with famous artists.
  5. Her mother, Chinese Nicky, is her strong supporter and appeared on Love & Hip-Hop Miami.
  6. Kitty has seven siblings, and she keeps some of them out of the public eye.
  7. She started her career on YouTube in 2016, focusing on modeling and singing.

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Chinese Kitty Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Partner, Baby, Net Worth (2024)


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