40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes - Funny Jokes to Celebrate - Catster (2024)

40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes - Funny Jokes to Celebrate - Catster (1)

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If you live a busy life, finding the free time to buy and mail birthday cards to friends and loved ones can feel nearly impossible. Fortunately, the Internet is here to provide. You can turn to the love language of cat memes to express your sentiments. Searching for content can also take time, so to make things easier, here are 40 happy birthday cat memes you can send today.

40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes - Funny Jokes to Celebrate - Catster (2)

The 40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes

1. Litter Box Present

By this standard, our cats leave us birthday gifts every day.

2. Birthday Demand

It is a gentle way to remind forgetful friends about your birthday.

3. Guitar Kitten

The cutest happy birthday singer you’ll ever find.

4. Crazy Face

The meme for that chaotic moment when you remember your friend’s birthday at 11:59 pm on the day of.

5. Garfield’s Favorite Cake

The world’s most famous cartoon cat offers a non-traditional take on a classic birthday treat.

6. Existential Crisis

For the friend who thinks a little too hard about life every year on their birthday.

7. Scientific Facts

You can’t argue with science, especially when it purrs and wears cute glasses.

8. Ninja Kittens

Thoughtful yet practical gifts are always the best.

9. Food for Thought

Sometimes, it’s better not to think and just to eat the cake.

10. Pink Frosting Kitten

Good luck not having a happy birthday after you get this meme.

11. Native Language

Let’s just assume he’s saying something nice.

12. Glasses Cat

This is the perfect meme for growing old with older siblings.

13. No Money Birthday Card

You try not to expect anything, but you just can’t help it sometimes.

14. Cartoon Birthday Cat

For the friend who appreciates cute, adorable, and simple congratulations.

15. Grumpy Cat

At a certain age, some of us would rather not be reminded that it’s our birthday.

16. Depressed Birthday

Your kids or younger siblings will send you this meme, and you’ll wonder about their hidden agendas.

17. Controlling My Excitement

Birthdays happen every year; nothing to get excited about here.

18. Perfect Predators

You’ve heard of “Don’t shoot the messenger,” right? This is the cat’s version.

19. Introvert Birthday

A key reminder that not every friend wants a big celebration for their birthday.

20. Sarcasm

It’s your birthday, feel however you want about it.

21. All the Cake, Thank You

We won’t tell your mom you aren’t sharing just for this one day.

22. Rampage

Birthdays can be stressful, okay?

23. All the Cake

This reminds you that you’re entitled to eat whatever you want on your birthday.

24. Stating the Obvious

Yes, your birthday does mean you have completed another year of life.

25. Just a Quick Reminder

Send this one to your friends who forget your birthday.

26. Didn’t Ask to Be Born

And yet, here you are.

27. Feline Zodiac

Who needs astrology when you have cats?

28. Getting Older

Older was supposed to mean wiser, right?

29. Cozy Birthday

When you want to let everyone know you’ll be sleeping in on your birthday.

30. Quarantine Birthday

Those were some tough years.

31. Not Singing

Look, not everyone can carry a tune.

32. No Birthday Photos

Did your birthday even happen if no one posted about it?

33. The Peak of Awesomeness

If you’re not striving for this kind of birthday, what are you even doing?

34. Come Celebrate with Me

When your favorite person can’t be there for your special day.

35. Don’t Look Greedy

The card is important to someone who took the time to write in it, after all.

36. Getting Too Excited

Well, that’s one way to celebrate.

37. Sad Kitten

This meme might confuse your friends.

38. Cat Can’t Believe It

The face you make when your friends successfully pull off the surprise party.

39. No Singing, Please

When your friends can’t sing but think they can.

40. The Truth Hurts

Mixed feelings are a normal reaction.

40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes - Funny Jokes to Celebrate - Catster (3)


These 40 funny, sarcastic, and heartfelt cat birthday memes are a quick and easy way to celebrate the special day of anyone in your life. If you didn’t see the perfect meme on our list, don’t lose hope. You’ll find many more from other Internet sources every day. And if you can’t find a meme that appeals to you, you can always make your own using your favorite hilarious cat photo.

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Featured Image by: Chendongshan, Shutterstock


  • The 40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes
    • 1. Litter Box Present
    • 2. Birthday Demand
    • 3. Guitar Kitten
    • 4. Crazy Face
    • 5. Garfield’s Favorite Cake
    • 6. Existential Crisis
    • 7. Scientific Facts
    • 8. Ninja Kittens
    • 9. Food for Thought
    • 10. Pink Frosting Kitten
    • 11. Native Language
    • 12. Glasses Cat
    • 13. No Money Birthday Card
    • 14. Cartoon Birthday Cat
    • 15. Grumpy Cat
    • 16. Depressed Birthday
    • 17. Controlling My Excitement
    • 18. Perfect Predators
    • 19. Introvert Birthday
    • 20. Sarcasm
    • 21. All the Cake, Thank You
    • 22. Rampage
    • 23. All the Cake
    • 24. Stating the Obvious
    • 25. Just a Quick Reminder
    • 26. Didn’t Ask to Be Born
    • 27. Feline Zodiac
    • 28. Getting Older
    • 29. Cozy Birthday
    • 30. Quarantine Birthday
    • 31. Not Singing
    • 32. No Birthday Photos
    • 33. The Peak of Awesomeness
    • 34. Come Celebrate with Me
    • 35. Don’t Look Greedy
    • 36. Getting Too Excited
    • 37. Sad Kitten
    • 38. Cat Can’t Believe It
    • 39. No Singing, Please
    • 40. The Truth Hurts
  • Conclusion
40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes - Funny Jokes to Celebrate - Catster (2024)


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